Tenor trombone "Real German"

Tenor trombone "Real German"

4499,- EUR


incl. VAT

This trombone has been developed with a traditional German design. The great German orchestral sound is optimized with modern technology and takes into account modern playing technique.

In its development, we have especially taken into account the intonation, slide positions and distribution of weight according to modern standards.

The trombone speaks incredibly easily from the softest piano to the most majestic forte.

Tuning: Bb/F – F attachment ( Hagmann )
Bell: Gold brass 230mm
Bore: 13.4mm-13.9mm / Dual bore
Slide: Gold brass / medium light weight
Garland: Niuckel silver / 70mm
High gloss polished

Lacquer:            330,-€*

Lead pipe:

  • Brass             130,-€ ( Standard Design incl.)
  • Gold brass    180,-€
  • Copper          240,-€
  • Silver             360,-€

* in spite of the great care we take to produce garlands, slight lacquer defects can result when lacquering due to the manufacturing process.