Tenor trombone "Light German"

Tenor trombone "Light German"

4299,- EUR

incl. VAT

“Light German” does not mean “a bit German”, here it means that this trombone’s “German” character is produced more easily.

There are many trombones with a German-American sound, but they usually end up sounding too American.

Our “Light German” model is a trombone manufactured with a German concept of sound in mind and an American playing feel and ease of handling.

Our “light German” trombone model is an outstanding choice for musicians who like to play on an American design but prefer the “German” sound.

Tuning: Bb/F – F attachment ( Hagmann )
Bell: Gold brass 220mm

  • 13.4mm-13.9mm / Dual bore
  • 13.7mm-13.9mm / Dual bore
  • 13.9mm

Slide: Gold brass / medium light weight
Garland: Niuckel silver / 15mm
High gloss polished

Lacquer:            330,-€*

Lead pipe:

  • Brass             130,-€ ( Standard Design incl.)
  • Gold brass    180,-€
  • Copper          240,-€
  • Silver             360,-€

* in spite of the great care we take to produce garlands, slight lacquer defects can result when lacquering due to the manufacturing process.